Casting Director Mark J. Parker's Tips For Child Actors

Want to get on the show but don't know where to start? What Would You Do? is always looking for child actors!  Here are some pointers from WWYD's very own Casting Director, Mark Parker:

  1. Take an Intro to Acting class. It will help you with your speech, volume, and stage presence!
  2. Take an Improv class. This one is extra important and it’s even fun for non-actors to take one too!
  3.  Audition for school and community plays. Try to do as many as possible, you may get a lot of nos at first but experience is key!
  4. Try to get an Agent or Manager. There's no golden ticket for landing professional representation but you can also learn how to submit yourself for roles online. Mom and Dad, this one’s for you!
  5. Never pay money up front for that Agent or Manager. That’s a scam! However, if you’re submitting yourself online, you may need to pay for each submission.
  6. Don't be late! Be on time to your audition and keep focused. Listen closely to cues from the Casting Director and Producers.
  7.  Don’t break character! This may be the one case "just be yourself" isn't the best option. Stay in the moment – don’t laugh or get distracted!

It's harder than it might seem, but that’s how you get on What Would You Do?  If you feel you did a good job in an audition but didn't end up getting the part, don’t be discouraged!  Keep learning and doing great work. When the right role comes along you’ll get noticed!