An update from the "Stranger Flirtation" couples.

Andy and George

Still together and just as happy as ever, Andy and George will be celebrating their 9th anniversary this September.

Tommie and Sharell


Together now for nearly six years, Tommie’s making it hard for another man’s cooking to get in between him and his wife - he’s enrolled in culinary school.

Liz and Matt

Lots of firsts for these two – Matt had his first boxing match and Liz  is running her first half marathon in July. They've also become first-time parents of a puppy; a Shiba Inu named Nina.

Richard and Vidya


No love lost with these guys. They remain very happy together. Richard says he's still thinking of a way to make it up to Vidya for putting her in the hot seat!

Nicco and Amanda


They've been dating for more than a year now and have celebrated some big milestones. Amanda earned her Master’s Degree from the University of Miami and Nicco wrote and directed two new  commercials.