Flying West...

Hi everyone! I'm sitting on this loooong flight from New York to Los Angeles. Had a bite to eat, took a nap, then walked up and down the aisles. People kept asking, "Are you shooting 'What Would You Do?' on the plane?" Hilarious. Wish we could but, TSA and the airlines won't allow it. 

You guys ready for Friday night's WWYD? We've got some great new scenarios coming to your living rooms. The first one is called, "I Wanna Be A Boy."  Given all the publicity surrounding Caitlyn Jenner, this Transgender segment about a young person who says he's a boy, trapped in a girl's body,  is very timely. Then, there's a "Mean Girls" scenario. WWYD if you saw teen girls picking on and, insulting another girl, simply because of her weight? The people who step in to the rescue never cease to amaze me.  We've also filmed a really touching segment about a young musician singing and playing his the dismay of his VERY controlling mother. Nothing is good enough for her. It happens all too often. Would YOU tell a mom to lay off the criticism?

Finally, how would you react if, while enjoying a romantic dinner with your loved one, the waiter or waitress starts flirting - overtly - with your girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife or, partner?  It's a true Jealousy test we're calling, "Stranger Flirtation," and, you'll be blown away by the reactions. This one hits close to home because I convinced my 24 year old son, Nicco to set up his loving girlfriend, Amanda. Just wait till you see how this normally, cool and collected young woman responds!

See you Friday night - 9 PM, ET on ABC!!!

- JQ