Catching up!

Hi everyone!

Just got back to New York after celebrating my birthday (May 23rd) in Mexico then spending some time with family in my home state of Texas. It was a much-needed break!

Now back to work, editing another batch of brand new WWYD scenarios. The show will be back on ABC in just a couple of weeks!!!  We're on Friday nights again, starting June 23rd, 9pm, ET, 8 pm CT. You're going to be blown away by the reactions we get. We tackle all kinds of social issues from a "Meet the Parents" scenario where a girl's parents HATE her choice in discrimination against criticism of a white woman simply because she's adopted an African-America the trauma faced by a Gay Hispanic young man coming out to his "macho" father. 

The show continues to amaze. Just when we think we're made great progress with all these social issues, our WWYD hidden cameras remind us that there is a lot of work to do in accepting others who are different from us. It also restores our father in a time when we need that more than ever.

We're baaaack - after way too long. So, spread the word! Let's make What Would You Do? MUST WATCH TV!!!!

Leave comments - I'll try to get back to as many as possible.

- J.Q.