Hey WWYD fans...sorry I haven't written in a bit. I've been crazy busy putting our new WWYD season together. As you know, we're back on ABC, Friday nights, 9 PM. Thanks SO much for watching our premiere by the millions! We were the NUMBER ONE show on television last Friday night. 

Tomorrow night will be another winner. Our scenarios: WWYD if you see a foster parent mistreating the child she's supposed to be taking care of?  WWYD if you see an African American saleswoman berating a white shopper for trying to dress "urban." WWYD if you witness an overbearing father pushing his son to dangerous limits while learning to Skateboard?  What if -at a toy store - you witness a sweet little boy in tears because his impoverished mom cannot afford to buy him the toy she promised? And, WWYD if you're at an ice cream shop and you see the person behind the counter, being totally unsanitary - licking your cone, dropping it on the floor and picking it up ("5 second rule")...even sneezing all over the place? 

You will LOVE the way folks react - from touching, tearful responses, to outright anger and yelling - to correct an injustice. 

It's a fabulous show - spread the word and let's make tomorrow night another ratings winner!!!


- JQ