What a month!

Nothing like celebrating your birthday with family and good friends!

Nothing like celebrating your birthday with family and good friends!

I'm finally back in New York, catching my breath, after an incredibly crazed couple of months. My new book, "What Would You D0? Words of Wisdom About Doing the Right Thing" has been been out a couple of weeks now and, I've been running all over the place at book signings. After all I've been through in my life,  I feel especially privileged to share some common sense advice to the underdog - anyone who has ever felt defeat and despair - anyone who has ever felt as if the weight of the world was stacked against them.

I was the kid who grew up in poverty, in the barrios of San Antonio. The little boy who was told too many times that he'd never make it in America, that his dream of someday becoming a television journalist...would never come true. Well, I proved the naysayers wrong. And, now I just want to help make a difference in people's lives. With chapters like, "Make You Own Good Luck," "Never Give Up Hope,' and "Get Out of That Shell," it is designed to remind the reader that, no matter how tough the going gets, success is just around the corner...BUT, you have to shut out those negative messages that society too often gives us...and, keep your eyes on the prize.

The book is the perfect gift for the high school or college graduate. Enjoy. I'll be back here soon with some exciting news about our brand new season of my TV show, "What Would YOU Do?"!!!